Have you thought about expanding your marketing to include video, but have yet to take the plunge? Video marketing is a vast, and still growing multimedia, field that lets you get your product, service, message, and brand, visible quickly! Here are a few of the top reasons that you should be using videos for marketing!


When a video is memorable, it creates buzz. Now with social media, viewers can share with others, leave comments, and ask questions about your videos. This buzz shows up on search engines and creates awareness of your product and brand. More so, directly engaging with customers promotes a memorable experience between them, and your company.

YouTube SEO

When you create a channel on YouTube, you are creating a portal for your company! YouTube videos rank highly on Google, and if viewers like one video, they are likely to explore a channel, and familiarise themselves with your brand and products.

Credibility and Authority

Video proliferation is high across websites, on social media, and throughout daily life. Consumers see dozens of brands during their daily activities. Even short videos and advertisements leave impressions, and when your customers or potential customers view your brand frequently, over extended periods of time, it will create a bond of trust with them. Customers appreciate the effort you go through to communicate with them in a way that is relevant and provocative.

Mobile Users See Videos

More and more mobile users are watching videos on portable devices each year. Apps include video advertisements, and users are often watching videos, browsing the web, or engaging with social media. All of these are great opportunities to increase brand awareness, both to the viewer, and those surrounding them.

Excite Consumers

By using video, you can offer near hands-on experiences and sneak previews of your products in action! You provide testimonials and build hype. You can deliver updates, and show off your company headquarters. Video is a great way to excite consumers and gain followers, and eager consumers will share your product with others!

Videos can be Monetised

Through YouTube, and other platforms, your videos can be monetised. This allows others to advertise off of your videos while reimbursing you, as well as helping build brand association. Of course, if you promote your own channel, you can draw more viewers to explore your videos, gaining profits for views.

Videos Have a Long Shelf Life

If videos fit a particular niche, such as explaining a favorite new product, they may be shared amongst users hundreds of thousands of times. Even when a product is no longer new, users tend to share previously familiar videos, and each time a user visits an old product, there is a chance that they will explore your brand’s new products!

If you are looking for a way to expand the visibility of your business, then video marketing might be for you! Spreading globally in daily life and throughout the internet, video marketing is becoming more viewable by audiences, and cheaper for companies, than ever before.

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