Video marketing on social media can be tricky business; there are many considerations to account for if you don’t want your videos and products to risk being lost in a sea of mediocre content. However, with some insight and tips, you can quickly get started on creating amazing videos that stand out with consumers!

Start with a Bang

When scrolling through hundreds of posts on social media, it is easy for a single video to get missed. A pivotal point in standing out with videos on social media is to make them exciting and entertaining. If something exciting, interesting, curious, attractive, or visually striking, is presented to a viewer immediately they are more likely to continue watching the entire video. If they watch the video and are entertained, they are likely to share or engage with it.

Standing out in the Newsfeed

Unfortunately, the bang is not enough for a video to stand out on social media. For it to begin appearing, and spread, users need to engage with it. You can promote engagement with a call to action, at the end of your videos.

Colour schemes of social media sites are an important consideration as well. Regardless of the content, if your video contrasts harshly with your targeted social media platform, it is likely to be skipped on principle.

Engagement and Targeting

While videos on social media reach broad audiences, only a percentage of its users will engage with its content. By targeting a narrower audience, you can expose your videos to a broad audience, while maximising returns of engagements. If your company keeps an active dialogue open with consumers, regarding videos, participation can be prolonged. Be mindful of specific platforms, how users of those platforms communicate with one another and interact with brands.

Showcase Your Products in an Entertaining Way

Videos that entertain viewers are significantly more likely to be shared with others. It is key to keep a light tone on videos as much as possible, while still delivering your message. While this can be done with humour, you could also use a cheerful colour tone, heartwarming animations, or exciting scripting to achieve your goals.

Of course, the tone and method of entertainment will directly affect your target audience. Your choices will decide who see’s your video, but will it be relevant to them?

Follow Trends

Trends come and go, and while everyone is hoping to create one, the real trick seems to be in riding one. If a video is marketed for a current trend, you can maximise short-term exposure of your product and brand. A longer-term exposure and familiarity can be made by following trends, creating content to engage with users, and posting videos on currently relevant topics.

Of course, these trends following videos not only used to maximise your initial exposure, but they also draw users to your channel, page, portal, or account. They can be relatively short, and to some extent recycled.

Once on your page, users are free to explore, follow, and engage with your primary content. With a supply of high quality, entertaining, and informative content, you can easily begin drawing new users, and new customers.

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