The Truth About Explainer Videos

Everyone is talking about explainer videos and millions of people are using them. Companies are raking in profits at staggering levels because of them. Other businesses and brands have also went from unknown, to popular names in no time. But do these audiovisual videos really work? The truth about explainer videos will help shed some light on this issue and many others.

The Perfect Pitching Tools

The secret about explainer videos is out of the bag and many companies are taking notice. They are an extremely compelling and beneficial tool when it comes to user engagement. Over the past few years, the marketing industry has embraced explainer videos. Most marketers will tell you that without them, your business is likely losing clients and profits. Recent studies show that more than 80 percent of people involved in online marketing consider explainer videos crucial.

Since tablets and Smartphones are so popular, videos have become one of the best ways for people to view content. Now, anyone can create an explainer video and share it with millions via mobile devices and social media. Research has shown that people tend to feel more engaged when audiovisuals are used. That is when compared with reading or hearing about something. Since videos can help capture your message visually, users will retain that information at almost 59% higher rates than hearing or reading it.

Businesses and marketing experts love explainer videos for countless of reasons. They allow you to easily explain in simple layman’s terms all about your particular merchandise quickly and easily. Moreover, it can be accomplished without having to spend a lot of money. Years ago, using video for marketing or commercial purposes was very expensive. However, that has all changed now with explainer videos and how practical their use has become.

Each day, more and more resources are made available to people because of technological advancements. There are hundreds of easy to use programs and tools to help users create explainer videos. In addition, top rated video production companies such as SquareShip are also widely utilized. Take a look the best of SquareShip explainer videos.

The Effectiveness Of Explainer Videos

People who are using explainer videos immediately become shocked at their effectiveness and power. They are extremely potent in engaging the viewers. That may explain why over 85% of people who watch an explainer video about a product or service, end up making a purchase. Part of that reason is due to how concise explainer videos are. In today’s fast moving world, people want information at rapid speeds. Videos are able to provide them that information in a short period of time. Most great explainer videos only last about 30 to 120 minutes. The messages are carried out quickly and effectively.

Another plus for explainer videos is their ability to show a problem and provide a solution. It is part of the reasons YouTube has millions of videos showing people how to fix something. Or how to get the information they need about anything. Companies can show viewers at the beginning of the explainer video, the problem they have. Then, they can offer viewers the solution their services or products will provide them. All of this is done in simple to understand language using an explainer video.

A vast majority of explainer videos are created using animations or 2D and 3D visual objects. Part of the reason for this is that they allow a brand or company to get creative. Using these methods remove any restrictions when it comes to creativity or ideas. No matter what your industry may be, you can create an explainer video with animation to get your message out.

Marketing is all about getting your message heard across the world. Because explainer videos can be used in every type of social media platform, they are exceedingly powerful. Being able to share them in sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, means you can potentially reach billions of viewers. Additionally, most users will share an explainer video if they feel others will find it useful and helpful.

Marketing gurus adore explainer videos because they are easy to create. You don’t have to spend years studying or learning to use programs in order to make one. One of the best parts about explainer videos is that they have no limitations to their reaching capabilities. Both old and new customers enjoy them. They can also be viewed by women and men without having to cater to one or the other.

Many believe that the reason explainer videos are so powerful in converting sales is due to their visual capabilities. Companies are showing people how their products or services can help them instantly. When you have a problem and see the solution in a video, the only thing left is obtaining that product or service. That is one of the most useful benefits of an explainer video. No matter your company, website, brand or business, an explainer video can deliver. You can start showing users the problem and use an explainer video showing your brands solution for them.